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Association for International Affairs

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General Partner – The Kellner Family Foundation

At the beginning, we sought to help children on whom fortune did not smile; today, we sponsor long-term educational projects intended for elementary school students and their teachers, high school and university students, as well as postgraduates. We also provide grants to Czech researchers and research teams.

Open Gate

The Open Gate eight-year grammar school educates children from children’s homes and socially disadvantaged families, together with those whose parents cover their school fees. This is made possible thanks to the Foundation, which provides grants to more than half of the school’s students.


Studying abroad does not have to be an impossible dream. The Foundation’s financial grants help talented Czech students graduate from Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, and many other renowned universities.

Helping Schools Succeed

We help to improve the quality of education at public elementary schools by promoting new teaching methods and honing the skills of teachers. We are now supporting more than 340 elementary school teachers and principals and, through them, more than 6,000 students.


New approaches to cancer treatment – this is the goal pursued by research teams that have received grants under the Science project. Grants are intended for luminaries acclaimed by international scientific circles, and also for talents who are just starting their careers in research.