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July 2017

Five most popular analytical contributions at our website during last month:

June 26, 2017 | Article

With launching the infringement procedure against the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland for non-compliance with their obligations related to the refugee relocation scheme, the Visegrad Group (V4) hits the headlines of main news portals. What is the shape of the Visegrad Group nearly two years after it has started its fight against the binding relocations? Why it cannot (or does not want to) get rid of the trouble maker’s label and why we should keep it, despite its poor image? These are the question that Vít Dostál tried to answer in his article for 4Liberty.eu.

December 31, 2013 | Research Paper

Vít Dostál confronts the results of a research project Trends of Czech European Policy with other views on partnerships and alliances applied on the case of the Czech Republic and the EU.

June 5, 2016 | Paper

Slovak Central European Policy Institute publishes paper of Vít Dostál about situation in Poland before the Polish Presidency in the Visegrad Group.

August 4, 2014 | Briefing paper

Briefing paper of Bryan Watkins discusses the impact of cyber attacks on the private sector. Cyber attacks cause extensive economic damages to private enterprises, not only because of the rising cost of their security, but also because of the threat of intellectual property theft. Significant problem remain the state-sponsored hacker groups.

July 22, 2016 | Article

During the March visit of the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, the Czech media were running a competition for the most pompous headline: “Chinese buying up the Czech Republic”; “Chinese companies flooding Czech Republic with billions of investment”; and “Czech Republic – new Chinese bridge to Europe”. In terms of investment, the Chinese are indeed marketing and PR gurus. However, what is the reality behind the hype? Can the Czechs truly play such a significant partner for the Chinese in the EU? These are the questions that Alice Rezková sought to answer in her article.