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Bratislava workshop kicked off the “Countering disinformation in the V4 and the Balkan region” project

AMO AMO / Ed. 2. 5. 2018
Bratislava workshop kicked off the "Countering disinformation in the V4 and the Balkan region" project

AMO is a part of consortium led by GLOBSEC that launched a new project on countering disinformation in V4 and the Balkans. The kick-off meeting took place in mid-February in Bratislava.

The project supported by the U.S. Department of State has a threeforld aim.

First, it strives to map needs and developing effective strategies with the aim to identify gaps in skills and tools of civil society organisations (CSOs) and to identify media consumption habits of young people (15-24).

Second, it wishes to help building CSO digital and social media skills with the aim to improve CSOs skills needed to raise  public awareness of specific issues and more effectively engage their audiences and to stimulate network building and the informal exchange of ideas among the most active parts of civil society involved in counter-disinformation efforts.

Last but not least, the goal is to support international competition and information campaign with the aim to raise awareness among youth about disinformation and to increase their ability to identify it, mobilise and inspire to actively oppose disinformation.

Czech Republic 527
Hungary 75
Poland 213
Slovakia 91
Visegrad Group 223
Western Balkans 5
media education 56
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