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Czech-German Young Professionals Program

Participants of CGYPP

Klára Bulantová

Klára Bulantová works as ecology and foreign & security policy programme coordinator at the Prague office of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, combining her academic background (security studies) with her passion (ecology). After the studies, she briefly worked in IT and then received the International Parliamentary Scholarship at the German Bundestag. She also worked at the German Embassy. Apart from other things, she very much enjoys running in the woods.

Mark Alexander Friedrich

Mark Alexander Friedrich is manager for international affairs at Metro AG. In this position, he represents the interests of the company and its sales branches such as Metro/Makro Cash & Carry in in Central and Eastern Europe, including the Czech Republic. Before joining Metro, he worked for the German political foundation Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Hungary, Germany, and India. He holds degrees in European Studies and International Relations from Maastricht University and Central European University and has gained further professional and academic experience in Brussels and Istanbul.

Aleš Gregorovič

Aleš was born in 1982 in Czech Republic. Over the past 15 years he has gained valuable experiences in the field of Czech-German relationships, particularly with focus on politics, media and business. After his studies at universities in Brno, Regensburg and Berlin, he was awarded the International Parliamentary Scholarship by the German Federal Parliament Bundestag. Then, he worked for the Czech Television in Berlin and subsequently for the European Parliament during the Czech EU-Presidency. Aleš is currently responsible for public affairs and external communication at innogy in the Czech Republic.

Vladimír Hurych

Vladimír Hurych graduated in Political Science and International Relation from the Faculty of Social Sciences in Prague and is currently finishing his Master’s degree in Security Studies at the same faculty. He has a yearlong experience studying at SciencesPo Bordeaux and one semester at Ankara University. Additionally, he has been involved in many students’ actives including educational project called Stužák or the presidency of Political Science Club (PK FSV UK) organising public debates and event for students of the faculty. Since 2017, Vladimír has been working as a consultant at CEC Government Relations focusing on European politics, transportation, consumer agenda or digital topics. He also has a solid background in communication, public relations and international politics. Apart from his strong interest in current politics, he enjoys doing sports such as tennis, cross-country skiing or jogging.

Jana Lachmann

Jana Lachmann works as a science officer at the German Embassy in Prague, where she is responsible for strengthening the cooperation in science, research and innovation between the Czech Republic and Germany. Her previous work was linked to educational and civil society projects, mainly in an international context. She worked as a manager for a family foundation and as a amanger for partnerships and projects for British Council Czech Republic. Jana graduated from Charles University in Prague in International Area studies with a focus on Russia and Eastern Europe. She also studied Law at the University of West Bohemia and European Law (LL.M.) at the Technical University in Dresden. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, swimming and photography.

Alexander Matschke

Alexander Matschke is researcher and editor at DW Akademie, the leading German media development agency. DW Akademie is affiliated with the German international broadcaster, Deutsche Welle. Previously, he worked at the new media department of German Federal Agency for Civic Education and at the Berlin-based Institute of Media and Communications Policy. He has also been trainee at the European Commission’s Directorate-General Information Society and Media. Alex holds a Master’s degree in political science and communication research from Göttingen University.

Fabian Möpert

Fabian Möpert was born and raised in Saxony’s border region to the Czech Republic. He studied European Economic Integration at Leipzig University and Charles University in Prague. His academic interests focus on Central and Eastern Europe, the countries of the Visegrad group and their role in processes of the European integration. During his studies he had the opportunity to work and engage in different positions within the field of Czech-German cooperation, including e.g. an internship at the scientific service of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. At the end of his studies he was assigned a Robert-Schuman-Traineeship and worked for half a year at the European Parliament’s DG for Internal Policies, dealing with the EU’s budgetary affairs and economic policies. Fabian now works with Germany’s economic promotion and foreign trade agency GTAI in a team of specialist advisors on foreign direct investments. By participating in the CGYPP he would like to further develop his strong emphasis on Czech-German perspectives and he is looking forward to meeting new inspiring people.

Lisa Morávek

Lisa Morávek comes from Osnabrück, Germany. She studied biology and English to become a teacher, but then life took her to Brno, where she has been living and teaching English and German for the past six years and she dearly enjoyed it. As a freelance language teacher, translator and copywriter, she collaborates mainly with companies from the IT sector. This has provided her with some unexpected and interesting insight into both the Czech daily life and the inner processes of international software companies. Having grown up in a British-German family, she was interested in languages and their acquisition from an early age and continues to be fascinated now watching her two-year old as she mixes German and Czech.

Michael Münch

Michael Münch is a Policy Officer at the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) in Berlin and currently part of the “Strategic Planning and Management; Political Analysis” unit. Previously, he worked on the German development cooperation portfolio with Kenya. Prior to joining the BMZ in 2013, Michael has worked as an advisor for the CDU/CSU-Group in the German Parliament in the area of international politics for five years. He holds M.A.s in International Relations from the London School of Economics (LSE) and the University of Manchester as well as a 4-year Diplom in Political Science from Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg.

Ondřej Pelech

Ondřej Pelech was born and lives in Prague. He holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from the Czech Technical University and now works at Barclays Investment Bank as a software engineer. He is interested in modern technology, its intersection with ethics and politics and its impact on society. Ondřej is a member of the Free software movement, with the goal of enriching the Czech (center) left politics with the agenda of Free software, digital rights, privacy, freedom of expression, consumer and employee protection and freedom in general in the digital sphere. He is also a member of Masarykova demokratická akademie, a political foundation, and Mladí sociální demokraté and Idealisté.cz, youth social democratic organizations. Besides all of this, his passion is singing in a gospel choir.

Eva Peterková

Born and raised in Prague, Eva Peterková has lived in 5 countries across Europe in the past decade. She chose to study a double degree bachelor program Czech-German Studies in Prague and Regensburg to explore both sides of her ancestry.  At the moment, Eva works at Liftago, where she helps the Czech startup expand into new markets and grow in the B2B segment. Prior to joining Liftago, Eva worked as a consultant at Deloitte and at the European Commission in Brussels. At the age of 15, Eva co-founded the non-profit Together Czech Republic and led the organization for 11 years. Through her work at Together, she helped thousands of young people participate in international youth exchanges focused on informal education. In 2012, Eva became the “Youth Peace Ambassador” for the Council of Europe and was awarded the title of “Youth Ambassador” by the European Commission a year later. Eva graduated from the London School of Economics with a Masters degree focused on EU politics. In her spare time, she loves travelling and swing dancing.

Franziska Stölzel

Franziska Stölzel holds a degree in European Studies, Anthropology and Sociology and is currently working in the field of communication for the automotive industry.  Her main topic is digitalization of communication and presenting complex product information to a professional audience. When she is not preparing communication strategies, she enjoys culture and art, takes care of a collection of houseplants and thinks of how to get active in volunteer management again.

Kateřina Šustrová

Kateřina works as a civil servant at the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic, European Policies Coordination Department. Her main responsibilities include preparing background papers and materials for the Prime Minister and the State Secretary of European Affairs, following, preparing the mandate and attending the General Affairs Council and the European Council meetings and taking part in both internal and external communication about European affairs. Previously she worked for Aspen Institute Central Europe as a project coordinator. Kateřina is passionate about civic education and manages to interconnect her job with her voluntary activities. Since 2014 she has been an active member of a Czech NGO Eutis, o.p.s. where she takes part in various educational activities, most notably the international project “Make decisions about Europe” which aims at raising European awareness among Czech and Slovak high school students. Kateřina graduated from Masaryk University in Brno with a master’s degree in Political Science. She spent part of her studies at Loughborough University under the Erasmus program.

Tereza Blahoutová

Tereza comes from the beautiful nature of Jizera Mountains. Born and raised in the CZ-PL-DE border region, Tereza has always been interested in historical, cultural, and political development in Central Europe. Tereza works as a project manager for PRE, the electricity supplier and distributor in Prague, focusing on strategy and M&A projects. In 2017, Tereza joined M&A team at EnBW in Karlsruhe, Germany, being responsible for several acquisitions in the renewables and energy storage segments. Tereza holds degrees in sociology and economics.