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ALYAS – AMO Lectures for Young Asia Scholars

Asia offers many challenges and opportunities. It has the world’s fastest-growing economies, the majority of the global population, key influencers in international affairs and leaders in innovations. Our goal is to prepare the next generation of leaders in the field of Asian affair. They will be based in the Czech Republic, serve in civil service, business, the non-profit sector or academia.

Project ALYAS (AMO Lectures for Young Asia Scholars) is a series of lectures and workshops for selected graduate students and young professionals with an interest in Asian affairs. It fosters long-term relationships and cooperation among young professionals, experts, and practitioners.


The main objective is for the participants to:

The project is run by the Association for International Affairs (AMO). Since its beginning in 2010, the community of ALYAS alumni grew to over one hundred diverse and talented young professionals with work experience related to Asian affairs.