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On 21 April, the Association for International Affairs in cooperation with the American Center held a public discussion on U.S. Foreign Policy for 21st Century. The event was organized in connection with the launch of a new book of the same title. The publication is a joint project of the Association and the Respekt institute.

Four of the eight authors participated in the discussion – Kryštof Kozák, Jakub Lepš and Jana Sehnálková of the Institute of International studies at Charles University, and Jiří Skoupý of the Association for International Affairs.

The experts introduced the book, whose first section tries to examine the theoretical basis and describe the decision making process of American foreign policy. The second part aims at particular areas, such as the relationship between U.S. and international organizations, or its approach towards environmental issues. Furthermore, it outlines the possible development of relationships between the US and Russia, China and other significant international players.

The authors identified the course of American foreign policy as a product of conflict between ideas and interests, which oscillates between the two. They pointed out the United States are loosing their dominant position especially with regards to security and economy.

American Center and Respekt institute
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